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The Healthy Paws Foundation gives away funds each month to deserving nonprofit animal shelters and rescues. This summer, we are asking our social media followers to help choose one rescue that will receive a $10,000 grant.

Our new voting campaign, called Rescue Rally, runs from Aug. 9-13. We have selected four animal rescue organizations from states with an especially high number of homeless animals. 

To participate, simply visit the Healthy Paws Facebook page starting on Aug. 9 and find the Rescue Rally post, which will be pinned to the top of the page. To vote for your favorite rescue, you will choose a reaction emoji that corresponds with the designated charity. 

Here are the featured rescues:

Living Free Animal Sanctuary, Southern Calif. – vote with the “Wow” emoji

  • Living Free is a nonprofit animal sanctuary whose primary mission is to rescue dogs and cats whose time is up at public shelters. If an animal is never adopted, they live in safety and love in a cage-free environment. Grant funds would be used to rescue cats and dogs who need surgery and recovery time until they can be adopted in a loving home.

Good Karma Pet Rescue – Fla. – vote with the “Love” emoji

  • The largest foster-based rescue in Florida – Good Karma saved over 2,000 dogs and cats in 2022. They rescue dogs and cats of all sizes, ages, breeds, and medical conditions. Homeless pets are welcomed as long as they can find safe, appropriate placement, whether with a foster parent or at the Good Karma Pet Adoption Center.

Fuzzy Texan – Houston, TX – vote with the “Care” emoji

  • Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing homeless, neglected, and abandoned animals from certain euthanasia and finding them loving forever homes. It specializes in rescuing cleft palate neonates, hydrocephalus, and other special needs animals in Texas and surrounding states. The all-volunteer organization saved over 300 animals in 2022.

Hawaiian Humane Society, Honolulu HI – vote with the “Haha” emoji   

  • Hawaiian Humane Society has been a leader in animal welfare issues statewide for nearly 140 years and is committed to socially conscious sheltering, aiming to create the best outcomes for all animals.  HHS cares for more than 20,000 animals annually at a shelter and thousands more in communities across Oahu through outreach events and field services. 

About the Healthy Paws Foundation

The Healthy Paws Foundation, the charitable arm of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, is funded by our Every Quote Gives Hope and Refer-A-Friend programs, where we set aside a small donation for each person who requests a pet insurance quote or refers a friend. The foundation then distributes grants to nonprofit pet rescues and animal shelters to help fund medicine, food, shelter, and operating costs.