Whether you have a kitten or a senior feline, keeping them physically and mentally engaged is essential to their happiness and overall health. One of the best ways to do  that is to introduce a few new toys into your home. Cats love toys, and though they have a reputation for being very particular creatures, they’re actually pretty easy to please when it comes to the toy department. Below we’ve featured seven cat toys under $30 that have been feline-tested and approved.

4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post, $25.80

Think of this scratching post as a multi-functional playhouse for your kitty (while not taking up much space at all). The post itself features two different materials: carpet and rope, and at the top it has a swinging toy that your cat can bat around. The base, which is made of thick and sturdy wood so it doesn’t topple over, features a couple of marbles in a maze that your cat will love pawing at (don’t worry, they can’t get them out). The toy has nearly four hundred reviews on Amazon with a 4.4/5-star rating.

Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy, $14.99

For a larger-scale variation on the marble maze in the previous toy, try bringing this one home to your kitty. It consists of four tiers with colorful plastic balls placed between each. Simple enough, but your cat will go absolutely wild trying to get them out of their spaces. Little do they know that the balls are staying put and will simply keep spinning around the circular tower.

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy, $3 to $7

It’s a simple enough idea — catnip, a squeak, and tactile fabric — but this wee toy for sale on Amazon gets countless rave reviews from buyers. In fact, it’s got 1150 reviews with a 4.3/5-star rating, to be exact. The toy comes in several variations, including a bird, bunny, fox, raccoon, skunk, and squirrel, and is ready to go the second it arrives at your doorstep.

Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy, $29.99

This fish-themed puzzle toy makes treat time more engaging for your favorite feline. Once you put a treat or two between the tails, your cat will have to paw at the colorful “fish” in order to “catch” their food. The tails themselves are pliable, which makes them more engaging, and the toy has a bonus effect of slowing down fast eaters. Be gone, scarf and barf.

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy, $3.50

Your kitty cat will be delighted that you’re playing right alongside her with this wand toy. It’s really just your standard, non-fussy string toy, only it’s extra-long with four feet of soft, colorful fabric. To use, just whirl it around and your cat will be instantly mesmerized and ready to pounce. Make the ribbon jump (and consequently your cat will jump, too), drag it around the house, or swing it back and forth.

YouThink Collapsible Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed with Ball, Bell, and Catnip, $29.99

Flummoxed when it comes to getting your cat to stop scratching at your nice furniture? Welcome to the feline parent club. Fortunately, there are a few ways to curb this behavior, and one of the best is to allow them to scratch… but on a designated item. This big scratcher serves multiple functions. First, it’s an alluring scratcher with catnip; second, it’s a lounger; and third, it features a stimulating, jingly ball toy. They’ll really have no choice but to scratch this bad boy instead.

Runfish Laser Cat Toys, $9.88

You can’t go wrong with a good old laser pointer. The fact that humans get mesmerized by them should be illustrative of how much your cat will fancy having one around! We recommend going with a hand-held laser like this one (versus the stationary, automated type) for a couple of reasons. First, it gives you an opportunity to play together. Second, some pet parents report that their cats get bored of the automated versions since they become somewhat predictable.

A Few More Free & Easy Toy Ideas for Your Cat

If you’re not keen on spending money, you can use items from around the house to keep your kitty cat mentally stimulated and physically active. You’d be surprised at how much fun they can have with a bottle cap or a balled-up piece of aluminum foil (just make sure both are large enough in size that they can’t swallow them). Boxes and paper bags of all shapes and sizes go over well, too, and you’ll be amused at how intrigued they are by YouTube videos of birds and insects.

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