Diagnosis: Urinary Tract Blockage

Coverage: 80 percent | $250

Reimbursed: $1,860 | Claim: $2,325

Pet parent Amber runs a cat rescue group – Saving Grace Rescue Inc. – in the San Francisco Bay area. One of the “hazards” of running such a nonprofit if you are a pet lover is that sometimes you just fall in love and end up with a pet you hadn’t planned for.

That’s what happened when Checkers, a tiny male Manx kitten, came into her rescue from the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) suffering from severe diarrhea and ringworm. After getting him treatment, she decided to make him a personal pet.

“He is the MOST social and loving cat I have ever met. He greets every visitor, human, cat, dog, etc., with chirps, meows and cuddles. I had an AirBnB rental for a while and he was the favorite feature of guests!” she wrote.

Last December, Amber noticed Checkers, who had never relieved himself outside of a litter box, squatting in the corner appearing to be straining to pass urine. She knew this behavior to be a sign of a Urinary Tract Blockage, where the urethra may be inflamed or compressed. UTB is serious and life-threatening – if not treated, it can cause death within two days.

“When I reached down to feel his bladder, it was the size of a lemon and hard to the touch. I knew he was blocked and rushed him to the emergency vet. Even though he had no history of urinary issues and was only blocked a short amount of time, his kidney values were already elevated and he required multiple days of hospitalization,” she wrote.

Since Amber had covered Checkers with a Healthy Paws insurance plan, she didn’t hesitate to get Checkers the care he needed. After diagnostic tests and x-rays, the vet performed emergency surgery to remove the blockage.

“Thanks to Healthy Paws, I was able to hospitalize him without financial fears. He is home and healthy now with no recurring issues. I give him a prescription urinary diet that manages the condition,” she wrote. “I signed off on his life-saving procedures knowing he would be covered by Healthy Paws. The claims process is straightforward and efficient. Customer service is kind, responsive and helpful. Wonderful company!”

Checkers has since made a full recovery and is back to giving cuddles and “head boops” daily, Amber reports.

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