Hard as it is for us humans to wake up, we can’t blame our canine counterparts for being a little slow. Dogs don’t even have the benefit of coffee or energy drinks to get going. These cantankerous canines are definitely not morning people, but they’re some of the sweetest pups. Just don’t wake them up!

1. “This is Mabel. Mabel doesn’t like mornings.”

(Kim Reynolds / Healthy Paws Facebook)2. “Joie hates getting up in the morning. That’s ok—it’s when we get our cuddles in.”(Sherri Brady Kisselback / Healthy Paws Facebook)3. “If Dad’s not up, why do I have to be?”(Melissa Thompson Flanders / Healthy Paws Facebook)4. “Maybe if I snuggle up real deep, they won’t wake me up…”(Katie G. Meyer / Healthy Paws Facebook)6. “My dogs are so dramatic in the morning.”(reddit.com/ncs313)7. “The best part of waking up is dog toys in your cup.”(reddit.com/heyredditheyreddit)8. Even puppy eyes are powerless against the coming day…(reddit.com/weezernz)9. “He’s not a morning person either.”(reddit.com/tool1)10. “Mom, make her staaahp!”(reddit.com/caitbart)11. “She refuses to get up before 9 a.m.”(reddit.com/kronicfeld)12. Just…no. (reddit.com/1secretupvote)13. “Okay, fine… I’m out of bed, happy?”(reddit.com/reyshanne)