Dogs perform a great service in our society as companions, guide dogs and even emergency responders. Once a year we get a chance to observe their amazing contributions to our lives.  This happens on August 26th with National Dog Day.  National Dog Day was established by animal behaviorist Colleen Paige, known for her contribution to the Animal Miracle Network, in order to help us remember to “paws” and celebrate dogs.

The aim of the day is not just to generate sales of dog treats for pups, or bumper stickers to proclaim our passion.  Although those are fun ways to show we care, the purpose of the day is to highlight the respect we should be showing dogs by participating in actions that point out the value of a dog’s “work” and actions that will help the cause of needy animals. Some of the best ways to support the cause include donating time, money and your voice.

Celebrate our canine companions with National Dog Day on August 26th!

Stumped for ideas on how you can help?

Here are six easy ways to show your support for National Dog Day:

  1. Opt-to-Adopt: If you are looking for a new dog, check your local shelter or breed-specific rescue organization first!  Whether you want a pup or an old-hound, you’ll be able to find the perfect companion without purchasing from a pet store, back-yard breeder, or questionable Internet and classified ad sellers.
  2. Donate: Animal rescues are always in need of funds to support their work. Even $5.00 helps their cause.  Some rescues also need blankets, toys and other supplies. Ask around and check with your local rescue to see what they need.
  3. Get Educated: Learn from the Humane Society how misconceptions and breed-specific bans hurt dogs and communities.
  4. Walk: Assist an elderly or disabled neighbor by walking their dog.
  5. Share: Post your support and ideas for National Dog Day on your blog, Facebook or Twitter. (Link back to this article for a quick & easy post.)
  6. Pamper: Don’t forget the pooch in your own home!  Give your dog a special bath with herbal therapy, a good brushing and a massage!


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